My Book

Way, Way Up There: My Odyssey from Cotton Picker to Top Cop, By Curtis Spears with Jocelyn Y. Stewart

As a boy growing up in a small Louisiana town, I had a list of reasons to fear cops: the beatings, the threats, the lies in the name of justice. When my uncle was gunned down and the killer was exonerated by an all-white jury, I had yet another reason. By 1955 I had seen enough Southern justice to know I wanted nothing to do with “the law.”

But there’s a reason for the adage “never say never.” As an adult I moved to Los Angeles and, in a move that surprised even me, I joined the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. At a low-period in my life, my mother shared a prophesy. God told her he was going to place me “in a high position, way, way, up there, in charge of a lot of people.” As the years passed, the prophesy proved correct. I became a chief.

“Way, Way up There” tells two stories in one. It reveals my evolution from a cop-fearing, cotton-picking kid, to a chief in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department; and it chronicles changes and events in the world’s largest sheriff’s department.

Check back here for the publication date and purchase information.


8 thoughts on “My Book

  1. Congratulations, Curtis and much success! ……frrom cotton to Chief.. I think this book should be required reading for anyone entering law enforcement and for anyone desiring to be “Way Way Up There”. I too see this a feature film,

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